The little acronym “ICO” might just prove to be the future of fundraising. The initial coin offering (ICO) space in the digital world is capturing the attention of shareholders, rapidly changing the financial landscape, businesses, and industry leaders across the globe. The ICO service market has experienced rapid growth in the market since its start in 2013. ICO is used to raise investments through the sale of cryptographic tokens at discounted rates. They are a tool for new projects in the blockchain ecosystem to raise funds with ease.

This relatively new phenomenon is at its peak, with over $15 billion generated so far. One major reason contributing to this success is that the usage of blockchain technology, ICOs attracts investors without the need for nominal hand-outs. The tokens or coins issued can be traded immediately or transferred on global cryptocurrency exchanges that operate 24/7. One must pay attention to the founders and team of ICO, the potential impact on the market, the roadmap, and the community support it receives.

This is ICO in a gist. Get ready to delve into the world of cryptos and explore this groundbreaking funding alternative.

5th Scape

State-of-the-art Immersive VR Gaming platform with Ethereum blockchain effectiveness.

Bitcoin Minetrix

New stake-to-mine cryptocurrency is introducing a new Web3 utility model. 

Provides token holders with cloud mining credits, with projected returns of up to 115% annually.

Sponge V2

Extremely popular meme currency that bridges to V2 and allows staking and utility earning through a play model.

Over the past few months, the price has increased tenfold.


Yet another play-to-earn role-playing game that lets players purchase NFT avatars and enter a metaverse.

It’s the beginning of an exciting adventure with GameFi inventions.

E Tuk Tuk

AI-backed EV promotion for a sustainable transportation revolution in developing countries.

Watch out for the launch of a thrilling eTukTuk play-to-earn game!

Green Bitcoin

Additional incentives are awarded to participants who make long-term investments. It provides passive income while using less energy.

Meme Kombat

This Ethereum ICO cryptocurrency has currently launched an ERC-20 presale with an estimated annual percentage yield of 285%.

This ICO supports betting and staking on AI-driven meme battles.

Understanding ICOs And Their Importance

What is an ICO?

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm for a couple of years. It is a fast-paced sector and an ever-changing landscape, with a competitive market. A great revolution in terms of digital assets, new projects, and innovations is emerging regularly. In the era of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) have proven to be a ground-breaking method of obtaining funding for innovative ventures.

Let’s understand how the initial coin offerings function:

ICOs are quicker fundraisers than venture capital methods. They receive large amounts of money from a wider group of stakeholders, both from institutional and retail markets. The ICO process follows the following steps:

  • Issue and trade of digital tokens or coins in exchange for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, tether, or Ethereum.
  • Investors receive them as stakes or utilities in specified ventures.
  • The money is then used to set up the project, marketing, infrastructure, and operations of the unit.

ICO Vs Venture Capital Investment

Fundraising methodologies have changed over the past decade. Here is how traditional venture capital investment differs from blockchain and ICO technology.

Initial Coin Offering

Venture Capital Investment

Open to everybody

Not open to all personals

Has no legal or financial guidance. Is not regulated by any government bodies

It is highly regulated by rules of the legal and governing bodies and also needs to submit regular financial reports

Short-term (one to two months) process

Long-term (for years) investments

Highly speculative; shows sharp ups and downs in the prices

Not speculative, with stable price variations

High-risk high-profit opportunity

Low-risk low-profit opportunity


ICO Examples

ICO is a breathtaking innovation in the crypto world today. Many have failed and many have fallen prey to scams, however, there are occasional diamonds in the rough. Here are a few examples of some successful ICOs over the years.

Ethereum: Ethereum ICO was released in mid-2014, and a lot of cryptocurrency fans were thrilled about the platform and its programmable blockchain. Ethereum was sold for around $0.40 at its presale. After raising $18.4 million, it surpassed all other cryptocurrencies in size.

Cardano (ADA 8.25%): Cardano had a far more successful initial coin offering and outperformed Ethereum in several areas. It raised over $62.2 million, during its launch in January 2017. Eventually, it would rank amongst the top five cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

DAO: While we considered the popular ICOs we will not miss mentioning the worst ICO – The DAO or decentralized autonomous organization. DAO managed to raise a huge sum of $150 million worth of Ethereum however, by the end of ICO a hacker drained all the money through a contract bug.

Evaluating ICOs: What To Look For?

The increase in the hype of using initial coin offerings and blockchain technology to raise capital for businesses has offered interesting opportunities to investors. The positive vibes of this new phenomenon are wired by many law enforcement and regulatory challenges that may enable changes in business models. 

So, how to select an ICO investment? How will you be able to tell if the business will deliver on its promises for the better? Take a look:

The Project’s Vision and Innovation

The investors should know all about the startup and venture. The unique characteristics of the project’s proposal should be evaluated. A better understanding of who is driving the company, the vision and mission of the proposed venture, and the team portfolio equips you with the knowledge you need to navigate through this dynamic space. Companies’ potential to solve real-world problems will be reflected in their successful transactions.

The Team Behind the Project

Verify that the staff effectively reconciles technological improvements with the latest business trends. If the company is well-recognized, affirming its credibility, track record, and experience of the team members will help you make an informed decision. Explore social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. to learn about business and technical experts of the venture. You will find the names of the staff members on their website or whitepaper. 

Whitepaper and Roadmap

Take a close look at the whitepaper. Evaluate both the target market and the intended audience. Does the Blockchain project truly provide something novel and beneficial to humanity? The concept must be original and workable. There should be clear milestones and a well-defined strategy in the whitepaper.

Numerous industries, including financial services, healthcare, and cyber security, have already seen significant advancements. Look at what “new” your company’s prospects are offering if they are in these areas. The project should have an equal opportunity to compete with its rivals and shouldn’t be biased toward outdated technologies.

A detailed roadmap of ICO development enables potential investors to track the progress of the venture. To ensure clarity to the investors clear and straightforward vision and smart goals must be included in the roadmap. 

Community and Investor Support

ICO development greatly depends on the marketing strategies to promote your venture. Getting support from your vibrant community and investors will be of great help. Here are some common and proven marketing strategies to consider:

  • Social media marketing
  • Public channels or groups
  • Specialized forums like Reddit, Bitcointalk, etc.
  • Initial Coin Offering listing
  • Conferences, exhibitions, and interviews

Knowledge about pre-ICO funding and venture partnerships is also crucial to evaluate the ICOs.

Best ICOs To Watch In 2024

Let’s have a look at the leading initial coin offerings (ICOs) to monitor in 2024:

1.5th Scape – Impending ICO With Immersive VR Experiences Paired With Blockchain

5th Scape is a new cutting-edge VR gaming platform poised to redefine the immersive gaming experience. It’s not just a project it’s a mission to reshape the virtual reality space with the help of blockchain tech. $5SCAPE token has the potential to provide substantial returns in 2024.

It recently launched its presale event and aims to heave up $15 million. A great haul, isn’t it? You may purchase these $5SCAPE tokens in a presale, through your Ethereum wallet and utilize other digital assets. Alternatively, you can use your credit card to make the payments. There is a $10 minimum value.

The heart of the 5th Scape ecosystem – $5SCPAE tokens are more than just money; they’re your pass to a world where creativity and innovation collide. Game enthusiasts had the first chance to be among to obtain these tokens at the presale event. These tokens will grant them access to a variety of thrilling 3D VR games, powerful VR headsets with HDR quality, and ergonomic gaming chairs to keep them comfortable while they complete all of the missions to succeed.

This is going to be the best ICO in 2024 as it plans to put together educational and cinematic content that has impeccable potential to tap into various businesses.

Total Supply

52.11 billion

Token Type




Native Token


2.Bitcoin Minetrix – The Future Of Cloud Mining

Bitcoin Minetrix is the first to introduce Stake-to-Mine ERC-20 ICO tokens! The groundbreaking Stake-to-Mine methodology eliminates the need for purchasing cash contracts from mining companies and removes the risk of directly losing finances in contract down payments. It also has the potential to remove the cynicism surrounding cloud mining. Sure it is the future of cloud mining.

To obtain cloud mining credits, users can acquire DEX/CEX tokens during the presale or thereafter, and then stake $BTCMTX tokens. The non-tradable ERC-20 tokens known as Cloud Mining Credits can be burned to convert them into Bitcoin cloud mining capacity.

$BTCMTX tokens can also be burnt outright for cloud mining credits. Depending on the amount of cloud mining power and/or cloud mining credits they own, the users may receive a part of the mining profits

After a solid beginning, Bitcoin Minetrix’s ICO aims to achieve $32 million as a presale fund. It is a great means of investment to gain huge rewards and Bitcoin mining credits.

Total Supply

4 billion

Token Type




Native token


3. Sponge V2 – 100 Times Increased Stakes: A Promising ICO In 2024

Tech visionary Alice Smith is the mastermind behind creating the Sponge V2 platform. It is mainly concerned with content monetization. It provides content producers with a blockchain-based platform that allows them to communicate directly with their audience and does away with middlemen.

Did you miss the biggest exchanges of 2023? Now is your chance to get your hands on SpongeV2 tokens. The market capital of Sponge is increased by 100x. The gaming company is all set to launch its V2 token creating a huge profit-gaining opportunity for its stakeholders. The $SPONGEV2 token holders will get access to a play-to-earn Spongebob Squarepants racing game, along with remarkable rewards.

As per the Sponge V2 whitepaper, the stakeholders having $SPONGE token can only purchase version 2 coins. V1 will be locked permanently and financiers will get V2 tokens and rewards up to 4 years.

Total Supply

150 billion

Token Type




Native token


4. Pikamoon – The Fastest-Growing GameFi Token In The Industry: $PIKA

Pikamoon transforms play-to-earn gaming by introducing strategic fights within the engrossing realm of Dreva. Players are rewarded for their battle prowess and exploration of the vibrant Pikaverse in this Unity-crafted NFT adventure. Its intricate warfare system combines exploration and gem hunting with exciting, tactical combat. Every encounter in this dynamic metaverse combines action and strategy, so victory in Pikamoon is a harmonic fusion of fighting expertise and exploration.

The conventional video game industry frequently keeps play apart from the development of real-world value. Pikamoon addresses this issue by merging the thrill of gaming with the extensive possibilities of blockchain technology.

Valuing their time investments and gaming skills this platform allows the players to earn real-time rewards.

The final ICO round of Pikamoon has raised more than $4.3 million. 65% of the stakes will be circulated amongst the community members through the P2E model. The burning percentage of tokens is 5%, whilst the rest will be used for the development and marketing of the platform.

Total Supply

5 billion

Token Type




Native token


5. eTukTuk – Revolutionary AI-Backed Transportation Geek

eTukTuk is the next best upcoming ICO. It is an AI-driven, environmentally friendly transportation system that will transform travel in underdeveloped countries and eventually the entire world. With the use of blockchain technology, eTukTuk is developing the charging infrastructure of the future. This presale is your opportunity to participate in a venture with global impact.

As per the whitepaper, the presale event of eTukTuk has listed 12.5% of its $TUK tokens. The working model of this best ICO coin includes a lucrative opportunity for territory partners. Their partners will get a share in the transactions generated from the manufacturing and setting up of electric vehicles and charging stations. Every time the driver of eTukTuk makes a payment via the app, the tokens will be used to earn benefits.

The platform uses blockchain to facilitate low-cost transactions and provide digital identities. It has joined hands with the Capital Maharaja Group to influence local manufacturing, effectively reducing costs and making EVs a profitable business.

Total Supply

2 billion

Token Type



BNB Smart Chain

Native token


6. Green Bitcoin – Eco-Friendly And Sustainable, Gamified Prediction Ecosystem

Green Bitcoin is an endeavor to address the environmental issues of mining cryptocurrencies. It provides a long-term, environmentally responsible substitute for the conventional Proof-of-Work consensus process. 

The key objectives of these initiatives are to promote environmental sustainability and lower carbon emissions in the cryptocurrency industry.  The goal of the Green Bitcoin token is to draw in socially conscious investors and help the cryptocurrency sector adopt green alternatives for a better digital future.

Green Bitcoin is an upcoming ICO that is environment-friendly and has great appeal for both active and passive stakeholders. Its energy efficiency is ten thousand times higher than the original Bitcoin blockchain.

Green Bitcoin is an excellent opportunity for investors to support a greener future while rooting them in the crypto market. It is prepared to launch its ICO in 2024 and will surely storm the cryptocurrency sector.

Total Supply

5 billion

Token Type




Native token


7. Meme Kombat –The Play-To-Earn and Stake-To-Earn Token With 512% APY

Next on the list of the best ICO to buy is Meme Kombat. It is an Ethereum-powered meme-focused ICO that has so far raised over $2 million. Alex Turner, a blockchain advocate and gaming geek invented the Meme Kombat. The modern-day meme craze takes this new ICO to the top list in 2024.

One of the disruptive factors in the digital entertainment space is the meme Kombat project. It creates a unique experience by integrating blockchain technology, memes, and online games. Meme Kombat essentially provides a platform where users can participate in tournaments, challenges, and conflicts centered on memes while winning incentives in the form of native tokens.

Of the overall 120 million $MK token allocation, 50% goes to the presale, 30% to staking, 10% to the community, and 10% to DEX liquidity. In a smart contract audit with Coinsult, there were no severe issues reported. Meme Kombat distinguishes itself as one of the best initial coin offerings (ICOs) as excitement builds for the impending debut. 

Total Supply

120 million

Token Type




Native token



How To Manage And Sustain Your ICO?

Managing and maintaining an initial coin offering (ICO) is the final stage of its success. This entails meeting your project’s objectives and deadlines, maintaining legal and regulatory compliance, interacting with investors and stakeholders, launching your tokens on exchanges, and offering liquidity.

Here is how you can stage-manage your ICO investments:

  • Deliver on the promises and milestones of your project
  • Diversify your portfolio and risk management strategies
  • Provide liquidity and list your tokens on exchanges

  • Regularly Monitoring and Evaluating Your Investments
  • Setting realistic expectations and avoiding herd mentality
  • Communicate with your investors and stakeholders

  • Comply with the legal and regulatory obligations

  • Staying Informed and Engaged with the Crypto Community

  • Seek professional advice for due diligence services

These are the key factors to ensuring ICO investment success and giving your portfolio a high-risk but gratifying kick-start. 

Some Takeaways

Investing in the crypto space is subject to market risks. There are no legal regulations by the finance sector or governance for cryptocurrencies and thus the investments made therein are irrecoverable in case of fraud, theft, or scams. So watch out for those scammers!

  • Buy only from licensed sellers and genuine platforms
  • Stay away from offers and deals that are unsolicited
  • Don’t invest in Uncapped or untimed ICOs.
  • Pay attention to ICOs that portray ideal conditions or “too good to be true” scenarios

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the groundbreaking approach of ICO is a famous and effective way of raising funds for startups. ICO uses digital innovations and blockchain technology to raise money from the global audience. The article enlisted the best new ICOs that you can invest in 2024. Our top pick was 5th Scape and the list includes Pikamoon, Green Bitcoin, Meme Kombat, eTukTuk, and more. 

Whether you are an investor seeking high-potential opportunities or a business exploring alternative funding options, this article will aid you with the awareness needed to steer clear in this exciting and dynamic space. Make sure to take legal advice and evaluate the company before you put your hard-earned money into these platforms. The rewards are high, and so are the risks.

We hope that this article has been informative and helpful for our readers. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.